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Asperger dating

Make sure that you’re taking time to listen to her.Be sure to ask about her interests and remember what she says.Remember, above all else, your Asperger’s is not something to be ashamed of, even if it’s caused challenges in your dating life.Many people have Asperger’s and have found much success — including some If this is happening to you, you’re not alone.Oftentimes folks with Aspergers can be unknowingly rude and can ruminate over the past and especially over negative things.If you’re unintentionally rude and always dwell on the negative, chances are you’ll attract a partner similar to you.During my 100-date experiment, I used When dating with Asperger’s, it’s best to disclose your Asperger’s early on. “Don’t sell yourself short just because you have a diagnosis, suspect or self-identify that you might be on the autism spectrum.Know that you have a lot to offer as someone who is honest, kind and intelligent.

And remember this: just because you have Asperger’s doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun and fulfilling dating life.If everyone else is simply asking girls to “hang out” or “grab a drink sometime,” you’ll be more competitive because you have a compelling date plan.“Hey, Melissa.I know that you and I both have an interest in marine biology and animals.”In this case, you’re offering her a brand-new experience based on shared interest, and she doesn’t have to wonder about where and when you guys should meet.This almost guarantees she’ll be interested and provides a compelling opportunity for both of you!

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Women consider it chivalrous when men make a solid plan.