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If the generation gap seems to have closed between 19, that's only because the adult characters have failed to grow up.

At home Luke has to turn up his headphones to drown out his parents' juvenile bickering, and both Squires and his wife, trapped in a dead marriage like the Robinsons, are darkly obsessed with the loss of their youth.

Stephanie, the doctor's pretty, jaded stepdaughter, doesn't bother to conceal her disgust for the old man. "It's pathetic." Squires is a child of the 60s—probably one of those kids who identified so strongly with —and he still seems very much like a child, prankishly dropping water balloons on pedestrians from the window of his office." His words could've been lifted out of a draft of , the grown-up decides to take his own advice.When Luke, hoping to connect with Stephanie, phones the Squires home one night, the doctor intercepts his call and recruits Luke for a "pussy quest," dragging him out to a bar, where Squires winds up making out with one of Luke's teenage customers (Mary-Kate Olsen, in a wacky turn as a beatific Deadhead).When Luke seduces her, confessing that he's a virgin, she replies, "Don't worry about it.I've done it like a hundred times—I can teach you." And when Luke finally comes out with the truth, telling her he loves her, Stephanie replies, "Whoa, dude," and walks away without another word.

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In fact the movie's last echo of comes when Benjamin and Mrs.

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