Advice for single father dating carbon dating and reliability

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We’d set up our tent in a flat area that turned out to be the base of a seasonal creek, turned to a pond in the storm. He replied with the most romantic thing he’s ever said to me: “This is my bucket list,” he said.I laughed until my stomach hurt as my husband moved the tent to higher ground. He challenged me to help him with the ropes, and the radio, when we sailed through a squall.He was not an experienced sailor, but I knew he wouldn’t take unnecessary risks with me on board, and I felt safe in a way I had never felt with another man. I wanted flowers, dancing, compliments, and I told him so.His feelings were strong, he told me later, but he’d wanted to be sure. He didn’t lavish attention upon me like other boyfriends had, and this took some getting used to.He didn’t care if I wore make-up, or if I dressed up or wore lingerie.

He invited me to Florida with his family at Christmas, and when we got back, he finally said those three magic words.Romantic notions were set aside as I threw up day and night for five months straight.I wore cotton maternity dresses that fit like burlap sacks.We spent a beautiful day hiking along the southern shore of Caples Lake, near Tahoe, then traced Emigrant Creek to a glacier lake surrounded by the Mokelumne Wilderness peaks. Our kids retreated to their tent with the dog, and my husband and I huddled together in ours.Our four kids worked together to pitch their tent, and we pitched ours. When the hail stopped, I unzipped the tent to start dinner, and stepped into a puddle a foot deep.

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My husband has always wanted to take our kids backcountry camping, so last summer, he planned a trip.