Accommodating female safely dating someone with herpes

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At work they may agree to stay long hours for their boss even though they have plans.

They’ll take on more and more projects and tasks than are humanly possible to do and not complain or ask for help.

When you combine a desire to please with a need to avoid conflict, you often end up with a very over-accommodating, tired human being.

Over-accommodating happens when a person says yes to almost everything.

Dyslexia is a learning disability that interferes with visual, auditory or motor processes, making reading and comprehension difficult.

Dyslexics don’t see the written word the same way others do.

Simply allowing you to take more time to complete tasks involving reading may be all that is necessary.

Use screen-reading software that reads text out loud, and try electronic and talking dictionaries.

Care-taking though is a part of who they are and if they stop doing it, they often begin to feel bad about themselves.

The problem with care-taking isn’t that they’re kind to others.

Incorporate some of the rules above beginning with easier no’s with the safest people and expanding to the more difficult no’s with the more difficult people.

Good luck…and if you don’t want to do this challenge…JUST SAY NO!

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Other accommodations could include providing large-print documents or typewritten material in a large, clear font.