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They say that the age of consent being 16 only applies to children who's parents sign for emancipation, which they absolutely will not do. Age of consent and emancipation are completely unrelated.

So, I decided to post my problem here, and hope someone might be able to point out any laws there may be against dating, and if there are none, at least offer advice. That said, if they don't want you seeing him, they CAN (and sounds like they WILL) make your life - AND HIS - extremely miserable.

The most common reasons are that the 22 year old lacks the self esteem to interact with their own age group or the 22 year old is counting on the naivete or gullibility of the 16 year old. In Mississippi a girl can be 16 and date whomever she wants and a guy can be 18 and date whomever he wants. And being in the military doesn't make any difference. So as long as there's no sexual intercourse (which includes many forms of sexual contact), then it's legal for a 16 and 22 year old to "date".

Founded in 1995, Match is the leading dating site no matter what your age is, and it’s led to more first dates, second dates, relationships, and marriages than any other.Intimate (sexual) relationships, it depends on the age of Consent in your area.In the state of Kentucky it is 16, in Florida it's 18, in Illinois it's 17, etc. A six year age difference is not significant if the two people were a bit older, but between the ages of 16 and 22, a lot of mental and emotional development takes place.It authorizes them to make major decisions affecting their children’s welfare, including, but not limited to, consent determinations regarding (1) marriage; (2) enlistment in the armed forces; and (3) major medical, psychiatric, and surgical treatment (CGS 45a-604(5)).It makes Connecticut parents liable until their children turn age 18 for up to $ 5,000 in personal or property damages their children cause through willful or malicious acts, including damaging a car they steal (CGS 52-572).

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It is legal to date, there are no laws about what age you have to be to date in any state.