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10 fatal online dating errors

Get to know her as a person online and over the phone, and you may get to see her body in person.But show her that you're more interested in her physique than her hobbies and interests, and you likely won't hear from her again.If you read her entire profile and you still think you're a match, use something you read in your message.Ask about one of her interests or start a conversation about her favorite movie.Online dating is open to anyone who can sign up for an online dating service and set up a profile.

If you contact a woman and don't hear back right away, don't follow up.If you suggest making her dinner at your place for your first meeting, she'll perceive you as a threat.Jen Anderson has been writing professionally since 2008.Don't post pictures of you in a group of people with the other faces cut out. Ask a friend or hire a professional to take some portrait-style pictures of you (head and shoulders) for your profile.Women engage in online dating because they're interested in making a mental and emotional connection with someone first and a physical connection later.

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A misstep can turn off a woman before she has finished reading your first e-mail or private message.